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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  October 3, 2012 6:00am-9:00am EDT

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>> it has to do with tonight's debate. >> domestic. >> i will see you later. >> have a great show. "fox and friends" starts now. >> good morning, everybody. today is wednesday. i am martha in for gretchen today. today could be a make or break moment in deciding who will be the next president of the united states. what all voters should watch tonight in the big debate. >> steve: all about the domestic stuff . and the bomb shell video of barack obama like you never heard before. inflammatory to say the least. mr. kilmeade, this the new gitmo. >> brian: causing a lot of controversy this morning. "fox and friends" starts right now. ♪
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♪ "fox and friends". >> steve: live from studio e in the heart of midtown manhattan. it is "fox and friends" . look who is in today. >> we are a lot like paul lend. >> steve: we have better lighting. >> brian: yes. >> let mow know. >> brian: one thing about the center square you couldn't get the overhead. martha, usually we have a date around 11:20. >> yes, i am stalking you. >> brian: on the radio. >> follow you everywhere. >> brian: gretchen is off and martha is in and it is debate day. >> steve: it is the rumble in the rockies, martha. >> yes, it is a practice run. president obama and mitt romney, all part of the preparations for the first debate . in a few hours it will be the
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real thing and it is live in denver. >> security preparation is at the highest level in denver as the president and the man who hopes to take his job will be in the same room at the same time. something that rarely ever happens. we can show you inside of the university of denver. things are coming along as the staff set the stage for the event. the cand dates are expected to have walk throughs later on today. governor romney took to practicing with ohio senator rob portman. they stopped by chipolte for lunch. his opponents was at the hoover dam. he's been in a debate camp with john kerry. one thing to consider as we
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head in tonight. early voting is underway in some states and that raises the stakes. >> the first debate is a huge deal . some people can go out and vote the next day. in colorado, people can vote the next week before the other debates even occurred. if there is an immediate affect you will see it in the ballot box. >> the debate gets underway 9:00 eastern time . 7:00 denver time. >> steve: and you will be able to see it here on the fox news channel. >> brian: it is jim laer had to come wup it. six parts and two minutes to answer and free throwing. and get off of the script and let them interact with each other. >> any thoughts of what romney needs to do tonight.
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he needs to change the conjectory and seeing the tightening polls in the last few days. but clearly it is on him in many ways. >> steve: this is his chance to shine. in the meantime we have news. >> in your headlines. we have air force 2 aborting landing twice in one day. first time vice-president vice-president biden was aproaching charlotte. there were thunderstorms in the area and on the way home from campaigning in north carolina it happened again. heavy fog over marylandy forced the plan to to circle 45 minutes. now to the folks news exclusive. letters show that thitate department refused to get involved when the company paid to protect the security in lib
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yampt warning signs may have been ignored. the contractor felt security was substandard, and that the situation was unworkable. when the libyans tried to bring in a third party to help with security it was shut down. and search under way for a drug smuggler who murdered a u.s. border patrol agent. nicholas ivy was 30 years old and behind a wife and two children. ivy and another agent were shot in arizona. it is a known area for drug smuglingg and remote and close enough to a local highway to move drugs. the wounded agent that he was with is in stable condition. more than one person opened fire and they vow that there will be justice. agent ivy died in the lean --
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line of duty protecting our nation and his death strengthens our resolve to inn force the rule of law and bring those responsible to justice. the agents were assigned to the newly kristened briantery border station . talk about your fair share and piece of national debt. how about $137,000 for each one of us. the government add 1.3 trillion in the fiscal year that ended . worked out to 11,000 more to the household is the fourth straight year of 1 trillion dollars. these numbers are so mind
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boggling. the national debt is over 16 trillion dollars and that will no doubt with a big topic. >> brian: they had it on the nightly news and sean hannity in you could stand up. they were able to play a tape. the tape has been out but president obama in hampton university addressing an audience of a thousand and it was right in the wake of katrina and we all know what happened on katrina. >> steve: we certainly do. it will be interesting tonight will the moderator of the presidential debate will ask mr. romney about the 47 comment. will they ask about this particular video that shows then senator obama showing that the neglect of new orleans was racial. >> down in new orleans, where
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they still have not rebuilt 20 months later. there is a federal law when you get reconstruction money from the federal government called the staford act and when you get federal matter you have to give a 10 percent match from the local government. when 9/11 happened in new york city, they waived the staford act. they said this is too serious of a problem and we can't expect new york city to lebuild on its own. forget that dollar. that was the right thing to do. what is happening down in new orleans? where is your dollar? where is your staford act money? it makes no sense. trust me, the bullet hasn't been taken out. it tells me that the people down in new orleans doesn't
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care as much. >> steve: you can see it in the entirity in the daily he said the people of new orleans got the shaft and people who suffered from 9/11 or hurricane andrew did not. >> i don't know if he will be asked about this tonight. something tells me i kind of doubt it but what it reveals and one of the things that it reveals, this is a president that said we don't live in a white america or black america but the united states of america . what ushered him in popularity was a different speech in the democratic national convention. it shows he catered to the audience and adoption of a southen accent which hillary clinton was accused to. >> brian: it was a bigger deal. i think they will focus on
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him. i don't think he has governed a black or white american. if nothing else unemployment in africa-american communities are through the roof. i thought allen west comments were insightful. he said i tell you first of all. i was born in raise in georgia. and i am sursurprised that the southern acent with the president raised hawaii. and hoe was able to do that. >> steve: and we'll have the story live. put down that remote. he will be up this hour. >> brian: another story . the department of justice denied that the suspected terrorist held in gitmowill be coming to the united states. the white house bypassed congress and spending money on a federal prison. it is it a back door move that
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could begin that process. joe, what do you think this is all about? >> first of all i will try to keep my acent one way through the whole thing. one thing, this thing is just another lawless act by our administration to circumvent congress and go around the american people. we fought this thing two years ago. and it was thrown out. the president has a lawless regime to go around the will of the american people and take this thing out from under us and it is laughable that they say and we talk to dick durbin. he said under the treaty that this will not be able to be a military prison when the fact of the matter is, when it is a federal institution, it will be under the department of
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justice and under eric holder and we all know how much we trust holder. once he has control of the prison they make it whatever they want to. >> steve: so it is clearr to you that the gitmo guys will go there? >> if dick durbin and our governor and president who would spend half as much time worrying about the crime rate in chicago and as trying to get it under federal controll, it is clear. that prison was built for the overflow of the joliet prison and the fact that chicago has a sky rocketing crime rate and people are on shot in the streets. we have plenty of room in chicago, but our governor let people and criminals loose because we don't have room in the prisons and we have people, criminals running around and it could be a state
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institution instead of's federal institution . i believe it does hope the door. and eric holder will be in charge of the prison and right now, yes. i believe it clearly opens the door to utilize it. >> brian: the administration fulfilling the promise and the president seened the first day he was in office to close gitmo. >> i don't know if he fulfills this one did would be only one of them that he felled but okay. >> steve: the administration said the gitmo guys will not be going there. thank you for being here. >> brian: they are on dock to be sent back to their home nations. >> steve: coming up, look back at the culture of liberalism and culminated under president obama. >> she let her kids to skip
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>> if you think that american politics are polarizing now and a lot of people do, what if we told you things could
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get worse. the author of i am a change. barack and the crisis of liberalism. good to have you this morning, charles. >> what do you mean by the title? >> liberalism is in a cross road. running out of mon yeidea and it will be an ugly mess when it hits. we will see it in the second clinton term. >> second obama term . >> second obama term >> unless you know manage we don't. >> it looked like it in the democratic. >> anyone who can beat the clinton team is a savvy operator and president obama gets underestimated sometimes. >> you think if president obama is reelected what impact will that have on liberalism over all >> liberalism as we know is it started with
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woodrow wilson and moved through the new deal great society . powerth transformation is barack obama. he's selling the same kind of snake oil in a slightly more update radicalized version . you can see it in the video that tucker carlson had that you will talk about later. the hint of radicalism in his speech about jeremiah wright. if you look carefully at that speech. it is different than martin luther king jr.'s take on rice in america. barack obama never mentions abraham lincoln and never created all men -- all men are created equal. those are absent from the speech. >> it is a deplate point and you look at the great society now people look at welfare and entitlement system and how had
6:19 am
the great society fail . and failed to provide the safety net and are we in a nation where we are experience 50-50 environment. >> that's right. >> half of the country is supporting the other half of the country. is that who we want to be? >> liberalism had an impatience and hostility to the american congressional system, the olderaxoms and principles of the american public. that is a polar working its way out. we are seeing living hosstillity with the constitution and still the legal constitution. it is hard to bridge a gap that is a century old and has been certainly for the past generation deepening. >> which way are we going. i think conservatives is the horse to bet on in the long run but interesting to see
6:20 am
what will happen to liberalism. >> president obama and mitt romney getting ready for the first presidential debate. and i wonder if there are butter flies. what is going on behind the scenes. heather has a sneak peek. sex offenders suing for the right to hand out halloween canny? they say it is a freedom of speech issue for them. is it? we'll be right back. ♪ ♪
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>> steve: got quick headlines for you this wednesday morning. american airline is padly install would clamps for the loose seats on the fleets. american airlines inspecting all airplanes using those clamps. so far four needed repair. an accused shooter and the appeals court has all of the information to decide whether major nadill hasan has can be shaved. has an charged with the murders of 13 people including a pregnant woman. and tonight, the first official presidential debate in the 2012 general election it is the big dance in denver. >> finally. we have waited forever . the campaigns have been working for month to make hur it goes without a hitch. we are behind the scenes this morning. >> so much goes on behind the
6:25 am
scenes . not only what they say but involved in prepping for the debate. i talked to former polster for former jimmie carter. pat helped tod break it down. walter mondale in the preparation to debate ronald reagan. >> we set up a couple of podiums. how closely do they try to stage everything in the debate. >> everything is negotiated and the whole one ups is how cold is the studio versus how warm and most importantly as i learned in 1984. is lighting. reagan people got the lighting set and mondale walks out . he has huge bagsurn his eyes. >> did they have a chance to check out the lighting. >> they did and they missed it. one of the things that you
6:26 am
mention is just how far apart the podiums are. >> you can be further apart. and how do they engage and you are looking in the camera and have the moderator and critecal moments of campaign is how you turn. >> bill clinton used wag the platform. >> how do you advice. not to put your finger. it is a question of emphasis. and al gore did something risky and it back fired. he walked off his podium and invaded governor bush's speech. he was prepared for al gore to approach him. al gore had done that in the prevous primary. how close do they have to be prepared. you have to be comfortable and prepared for everything .
6:27 am
so part of it is, not only what you are saying but how you are reacting and looking and you try to practice those and anticipate. >> is there such a thing as being over prepared and you are not able to be spontanous. this is uncontrolled environment. i try to say you can't control the minutes, but have in your head what it is that you want to do and practice how you do different things and you don't have a script. >> it is three agencies of that are gone when i am there. congress and. what is the third one. >> maximizing dralm a. >> it is what we all remember . we listen for lines. and it a cap stone to what reagan won. it was what. >> i will not make age the issue of the cam plain. i will not exploit for
6:28 am
political purposes my opponents youth and inexperience. classic. classec. >> what a line that was. >> you can see mondale laughing at that. they were having a -- he was. >> brian: he was giggling because it was over. i wish i was vice-president for a while. >> steve: now they will chew me out when we get back stage. >> i think he did. >> brian: thank you. >> thank you, heather. >> steve: straight ahead on this wednesday. >> a mom sentenced to 180 days in jail letting her kids play hooky from school. does the punishment fit the crime? >> brian: and see what stewart varney has to say. gift wrapped for the republicans. the vice-president said t middle class have been buried
6:29 am
in the last four years. >> in a campaign rally. vice-president bide boyd said the middle class is buried for the last four years. i am sorry, which cand date is he campaigning for? i am confused. ♪ ♪ leaving my homeland ♪ pling a lone hand ♪ my life begins today ♪
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6:33 am
the dogs came up with the idea. they may not have broke it but caught great waves. it is easier for dogs to surf than humans. the surf is rough. >> brian: your theory is fascinating. easier for dogs to surf because they have padded feet. i am going to court and jury that. >> steve: it is easier for ds to surf because they have four legs. >> excellent point. >> brian: she focused on the pad and you had the number. >> you ever tried it. >> brian: i always think it is hard. the dogs have to say what is happening to me. it is not nice. >> brian: if they don't have enough fur with themlet them
6:34 am
shiver. they are crying over there. it is getting ugly out here. all right. thank you. so on to this. >> brian: writing it down. >> a judge fighting the effort on the voters fraud. law requires all id at the polls. critics claim it discourages minorities would be affected. supporters of the law say that the ruling shows a doubt standard. >> if i am at a rally and you had to go to a rally why is it good enough for the rally but not voting. >> it could go into affect after the election next year. >> steve: do you have a constitutional right to hand out halloween candy? some sex offenders in
6:35 am
california think so. they are suing for the right to hand out candy for anyone convicted in a sex crime. the groups was offenders living in the simi valley area say it is a right of the free speech. they have to put up a sign no candy or reats at this residence. >> brian: lorein was sentenced to 180 days in jail for allowing them to miss 116 days combined in a year. let's listen. >> put her on the freeway and clean up the mess, but that is. who will watch the kids if she is in jail? 180 day system extreme. >> i would have given her a year. i would honestly. i think that is not a punishment that is enough . kid's education is important
6:36 am
she ignored multiple calls and letters. >> smile you are on cam rampt brandon lloyd was happy to be in the promised land and showing his pearly whites. it was the first t and catapulted it to a 52-28 victory. >> steve: hold on, did you do a sports story? that sports belongs to the guy over there. >> he is clearlyy worried about that. that was incredible. un oh. >> brian: to catch a pass smile not easy. baseball for a sec . cabrera inching closer to the triple counsel crown. he had two hits and runs against the royals. he leads the american league in batting average . home runs 44 . rbi's 39. last player to accomplish that
6:37 am
was in long island. they are now tied for the american league in the division and winning in the american league. tonight's winner gets the title. and the loser the second spot in the wild card spot. and yankees are in control of their own destiny. there was a game-rinning rbi. and yankee beat the red sox. they will keep a lead over baltimore. they won their game. and game over for crane. sorry, joel. they have only one good receiver santonio holmes gone for the season. rivas is already out.
6:38 am
but don't worry tim tebow will put a shirt on and play soon and then things will be good for them. >> my son had the jersey of sanchez on and by the third quarter ripping it. >> steve: sounds like anger management. meanwhile new fall out from joe biden's latestt blunder. >> one day before the presidential debate, he admitted that the middle class was buried on president obama's watch. here's joe. >> this is deadly earnest, man. how they can justify, how they can justify raising taxes on the middle class who is buried the last four years. how in lord's name can they justify? >> the middle class was buried by the policies of ryan
6:39 am
supported. >> steve: she how he tried to walk it back. >> that is quite - on a mistake saying that the economy and middle class is buried. >> it is heart beat away from the presidency stories to lock in the file. it is a matter of opinion who buried the middle class over the four years it is a matter of the fact the middle class has been buried. income down $4000 for the average american family. and then you have personal welt. destroyed by a 30 percent drop in housing prices . what about the american dream and aspiration of middle america. they think it is darker for their children than brighter for their children. i would argue that the middle class is buried over the last four years and that was a
6:40 am
gaffe, big gaffe by vice-president biden and give the republicans fodder for the debate. >> brian: i think he's campaigning for a year, they forget it is their report card. and mitt romney was buried in debate preparation. he said. i agree with joe biden which is why we need a change in n >> who buried the middle class? is it president obama's policiless or go back to the bush administration and their policiless . i have an opinion that said largely president obama's fail add policiless >> going back to the bill clinton premise. no one could have fixed it in four years. >> that is flat out wrong. >> it may be. but that is very effective argument. >> but we have short memories
6:41 am
because ronald reagan fixed a worse recession with his policies in '81 and he was fixing that problem and fixed a terrible recession and brought american back to prosperity. that is all my opinion. >> brian: we'll discuss this at 9:20. >> at length. >> brian: what will you wear for the debate tonight? >> stop it. >> steve: coordinating your wardrobe now. no, padded seats like a dog. >> brian: great to surf with. this is a very serious story. americans murdered in lebia, just bumps in the road and president's recent comments about the benghazi terrorist attacks has our next guest outraged. he is a former navy seal. >> is the bro-mance over. is ben affleck having buyer's remorse.
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>> brian: a new headache for the whoit white. former military members furous
6:45 am
for comments hoe made after the mum num attack in lib yampt >> have recent events in the middle east given you pause for the governments that came to power following the arab certain. >> i was pretty certain and there will be butches in the road. >> brian: former navy seal commaner and special operations for america joins us now. that was your role when you were in the military. that phrase bothers you. >> it does bother me. it is more than bumps in the road. four americans dad an ambassador dead and torteured and four bass embassies on fire . apologies dont work. you can't negotiate with hostages and america needs to lead from the front and not behind. >> brian: we understand in a letter from the house to secretary of state will be answered today. they cite 13 incidents that
6:46 am
show a deteriorating incident on the ground. how does that get ignored. >> we have a commercial call bow to nobody. it is a important message that america needs to lead from the front. if you don't there is weak vulnerability and we'll see more attacks against us until we lead from the front. america's leadership is nothing -- it is a serious business. and american leadership is important in stability. we have thrownn israel friends under the bus and need a change of direction. >> brian: you said when ambassador stevens lost his life he was torteured. >> i have reports that the body was torteured. it is not a pleasant thing to talk about. and seals that were there were not part of the security force and on a different mission and
6:47 am
the seals run to the sound of fire. they did their job and duty and were great americans and unfortunately it was not a spontanous attack when ambassador rice said it was a spontanous even and our relationship with israel and never been better. that is misleading. our relationship with israel is strained . they are preparing to do a unilateral attack and our position over seas is dangerous and fragile. >> brian: we understand that intercepts show groups were talking to each other and bragging after the killing of four americans, including the ambassador and two navy seals and it makes it seem that an operation is under foot and it seems there is a special operation to go get these goys. would you support that? >> absolutely. you have to show leadership and policy of appeasement of
6:48 am
apology doesn't work. our friends over seas understand strength and america has to lead. >> thank you for joining us this morn look forward to seeing what secretary of state said today to the cross examine - congressman that demand. network thank you. >> there is a war on the southern border and we are spending more on foreign aid than we do on our borders. >> a video surfacing and showing president obama slamming the feds of how they handled hurricane katrina. >> what is happening down in new orleans? where is your dollar? and your staford act money? it makes no sense. trust me, the bullet hasn't been taken out.
6:49 am
>> we have the story next, ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] how do you measure happiness? by the armful? by the barrelful?
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>> just ahead of tonight's first presidential debate. it is from a campaign speech from cand date obama. he gave to an audience of africa-american including reverend jeremiah wrightt in hampton university in 2007. it contained raciallyy charged remarks that promote class ware fare. >> down in new orleans, where they have not rebuilt 20 months later. there is a federal law when
6:53 am
you get reconstruction money from the federal government called the staford act. and when you get federal money you give a 10 percent. the local government has to come up with 10 percent. here's the thing. when 9/11 happened in new york city. they waived the staford act. they said this is too serious of a problem, we can't expect new york city to rebuild on its own . forget that dollar. we will give 10. that is right thing to do. what is happening down in new orleans. where is your dollar and staford act money? it makes no sense. trust me, the bullet hasn't been taken out and somehow the people down in new orleans they don't care about as much. >> steve: now the guy who broke the story. tucker karlson.
6:54 am
>> good morning, steve >> chris: listen to the president of the united states. it is not the accent. >> it is a false and accent that is put on. he's playing a role. it is embarrassing. but what is shocking about the tape. last line it testimonies me they don't care about the people of new orleans as much. he's telling a majority of the black audience the federal government doesn't like them because they are black. that is exactly opposite of what a uniter does and it is revealing. >> we heard him talking about the staford act. you get nine dollars worth of federal money you come up with one dollar on your own. the state or local government or manage like that. that simply is not true. when you lookk at katrina, 110 billion dollars went to rebuild that area and while
6:55 am
only 20 billion went to new york. he referenced 9/11 victims and also the victims was hurricane andrew, i think. >> by the way, the staford act was waived. he was a sitting senator. it is not as if he was not aware that the gulf received 110 billion more in the end. and so this is disingenious. he went in intentionam low misleading the oddiancy that the federal government was racist and hated them because of their skin color. that is divisive thing to say. >> steve: the associated press covered it and you covered for our channel and a lot of the reporters simply took the prepared remarks from the campaign and didn't have the ad-lib remarks that we heard from the now president are
6:56 am
racially tinged. >> no print reporter wrote from the speech but the prepared remarks and the video was 10 minutes and the speech itself was 36 minute and it cuts out everything that is interesting in the speech . now the press, which contains many reflective defenders of obama and throne spenders are dismissing it as old news. cnn said we reported on it in 07. really in why didn't you know the audience said to the black audience the government was racist it is revealing of where the press have taken in the election. it is a subversion and it is wrong. >> if folks would like to see the entire 40 minute speech of
6:57 am
then senator obama they can go to the daily website. >> unedited. >> steve: thank you. that's the way it is supposed to be. what do you think about that? do you think that the debate moderator will bring that up. you can bet a dollar he will bring up mr. romney's 47 percent. romney is trailing president obama in the swing polls. is there something he can do. we'll ask his formy debate coach. he was a supporter of president obama and ben affleck may be ready to break things off. ♪ ♪ jack, you're a little boring.
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>> martha: good morning, everybody. today is wednesday, october 3. i'm martha mccallum in for gretchen carlson. so call it the dual in denver tonight. here we go. the candidates are set to face off, round one, presidential debates. mitt romney has been trailing in the polls, but these numbers are tightening up this morning in a number of places. we'll show you some of those. big question for him tonight, can he pull it off? can he change the game, as chris christie suggested he would. >> brian: marco rubio said something similar. the main stream media may not tell you the truth about the economy, but vice president joe biden will.
7:01 am
>> how they can justify, how they can justify raising taxes on the middle class that's been buried the last four years. >> brian: right. by the way, whose side is he on? does he know what he's been doing for the last four years? has anyone told him? >> steve: probably not. meanwhile, have you ever wondered why songs get stuck in your head, like this one. ♪ going to give you up ♪ never gonna let you down ♪ never gonna run around ♪ . >> steve: can you hear what's in my head now? >> brian: no, just you. >> steve: the song stuck in your head means you're a little nutty? we're calling in a doctor to find out. >> martha: we're all nuts if it does. >> steve: "fox & friends" hour two for wednesday starts now. >> steve: yeah, that was not probably the song that would stick in my head.
7:02 am
>> brian: you played along well. we don't know what's stick as soon as there. >> steve: with martha it's probably by one of the carpenters. >> martha: the one where we're never going to ever, ever get back together. >> brian: i hope this is a breakout hit because she's been struggling, taylor swift. can she -- everything she does becomes number one. america is drunk with taylor swift. >> steve: isn't she dating that 18-year-old kennedy kid now? >> brian: right. >> martha: she bought a $5 million house next to him. >> martha: what's when you break up? >> steve: good question. >> brian: she writes a song about it, makes 10 million. >> steve: our top story for today, final prep underway for the first presidential debate tonight in denver. the big dance in denver. the rumble -- stand ins, those are stand-ins from the university of denver for president obama and mitt romney taking the stage yesterday to make sure everything is right. in a couple hours, it will be
7:03 am
the real thing. alicia live in depp very already. good morning to you. >> good morning. this debate taking place in what we've heard called the swingiest of the swing states, colorado. interesting developments coming out. you mentioned some media polling coming out that the tightening of races in very important places, which makes tonight's debate all that more important. now, the nonpartisan, nonprofit commission on presidential debates says that the final touches on lighting and sound are being done to the stage. they also explained that the set that we will see tonight is one they have been using since 1988, one that the commission developed and has improved and enhanced over the years. here is more on the format and what we will hear from the candidates tonight. >> what's different about the format is that we're dividing the hour and a half debate into six discussion segments.
7:04 am
so there will be fewer questions, but more extended discussion that dives into certain issues in detail. we think that those extended discussion period also help the viewers around the world really get a sense of the candidate's views on the key issue. >> the candidates took a break from campaigning yesterday. governor romney snuck out with all the media watching to grab a burrito at a chipotle and the president visited hoover dam. he heads to colorado from nevada where he has been in debate. deputy campaign manager outline what is obama for america predict also be romney's promises and contradictions for tonight. so it hasn't even started, yet it's already begun. officially, they take the stage tonight's at 9:00 o'clock eastern, 7:00 o'clock local. back to you guys. >> steve: thank you very much. live report from mile high city. >> brian: six parts, 90 minutes.
7:05 am
15 minutes apiece? they talk for two minute, answer the question each and then rumble. then they scrum a little bit. it's pressure on the moderator to keep it going and candid. for example, if you start throwing things out that don't necessarily add up which is stuff you've done or want to do, does the moderator call you on that or does the allow the candidate to call on that? >> steve: i think it depends on the moderator. let's see how jim lehrer does. a poll out this morning, you can see among, i believe registered vote, the president within the margin of error. so it's absolutely pretty much tied. >> brian: that's just one poll. >> steve: national journal has them tied at 47%. what's interesting about the "wall street journal" thing is that apparently, according to the polling and the morning paper, a majority of americans now would like to see one party rule in washington, d.c., where one party controls the white house and both houses of congress as well.
7:06 am
>> brian: isn't that why we broke from the king of england, so we could have some type of discussion? >> martha: it tells something about how people feel about the divisionsiveness in washington. let's give it a shot. maybe if we have the same party control in both branches and in the president, maybe we'll get somewhere. it's a sad commentary on people's ability to work together. >> brian: in florida, the polls are tightening up and in virginia, thereabout within two points of each other. what's separating is ohio. that seems to be getting harder for mitt romney. >> steve: sure. so what will mitt romney have to do tonight there with rumble in the rockies? mr. o'reilley sat down with one of mitt romney's farmer debate coaches and he had this to say about tonight's festivities. >> he has to make the public start blaming barak obama for the bad economic conditions. >> how do you do that? how do you swing the public over to blaming the president? how? >> that's the thing that they haven't done effectively -- as
7:07 am
effectively as they need t. they've convinced the american people that the economy is bad. what they haven't convinced the american people is that the president's policies that have caused the economy. >> you do that by facts? >> absolutely. >> okay. so you just keep -- >> he's got to go policy by policy, policy i about policy and say, your stimulus bill created these economic conditions, which caused unemployment to be above 8% for 40 months and go through each policy he's done that caused the economy to go down. >> steve: by the way, that guy, brett o'donnel, will be on "fox & friends" tomorrow to analyze the debate. also interesting because the president has run a whole bunch of ads in the swing states that have really done damage to mr. romney. according to romney campaign, are absolute lies. so it will be interesting to see whether or not mr. romney at some point says -- by the way, mr. president, your campaign has been running these ads that are total fabrications of my record.
7:08 am
do you agree to take them down, or something very direct. >> martha: he makes great point because people talk about the fact that nobody is being blamed for the economy. apparently this whole new normal idea adds up that people say well, i guess had is just the way it is in america today. that's another thing that perhaps mitt romney could really strike out to do tonight, to say you don't have to settle for this. you don't have to. this isn't necessarily the way we have to get used to. >> brian: it's not okay have food stamps, 46 million getting food stamps. growth of 1.3%. when things get bad, you have to wonder what who to blame. in terms of the middle class, if you can win over the middle class, you will become the next president of the united states. joe biden knows exactly whose fault it is over the last four years on why the middle class had it so bad for so long. >> this is deadly earnest, man. this is deadly earnest. how they can justify, how they can justify raising taxes on the middle class that's been buried the last four years.
7:09 am
>> vice president bind just today -- biden said today the middle class over the last four years has been, quote, buried. we agree. that means we need to stop digging by electing mitt romney the next president of the united states! >> steve: mr. biden off the teleprompter there? >> martha: you know what is interesting, they almost never release the transcripts of his speeches. so you can't, as you can with others, say here is where he clearly went off the teleprompter, so we'll never know. >> steve: it's another joe bidenism, the last big one was where he famously sat down in virginia, mitt romney is going to put y'all back in chains. >> brian: right. >> martha: southern accent that day, too. >> steve: he did. >> brian: the other thing is the president had to get prepared for the debate. paul ryan and joe biden had to carry their weight. it didn't really work too well. >> steve: you know how mitt romney prepared yesterday out in denver for the debate. he had the burrito bowl at chipotle.
7:10 am
>> brian: right. >> steve: he said he usually goes with a burrito, but yesterday. >> martha: burrito bowl. let's get a look at some headlines this morning. there are concerns today that the obama administration may be looking to move some of the gitmo detainees to american soil. the federal government plans to buy the thompson correctional center in illinois. at one point this prison was considered for housing gitmo detainees and there was a huge controversy based around that. many lawmakers outraged saying it would open the door for ultimately carrying out a gitmo transfer. house speaker john boehner said this, the unilateral decision to purchase the thompson prison, even though congress repeatedly opposed the obama administration's effort to use the taxpayer funds to do so, underscores the administration's desire to move forward and bring these detainees to u.s. soil. the obama administration for its part says it has no plans whatsoever to move the detainees to illinois.
7:11 am
air force 2 had quite a ride yesterday. it aborted landings twice. bad weather was to blame. the vice president, joe biden's pair of bumpy ride, thunderstorms forced the pilot to circle the airport the first round, made him late for a campaign event in charlotte. then on his way back home, he had to land at dulles instead of andrews air force base because of heavy fog. a judge blocking pennsylvania's effort to fight voter fraud. the law required all voters to show photo i.d. at the polls. opponentses claim it would discourage minorities from voting. it was upheld. this judge ruled not enough photo i.d.s could be issued in the last few weeks before the election, so he didn't want it it to happen in that time frame. supporters say it shows a double standard. >> obama had a rally and you had to have a photo i.d. to go to his rally. if it's good enough for his rally, why is it not good enough for voting? >> martha: interesting point. the voter i.d. law will go into
7:12 am
effect, they say, but not until next year. could there be trouble in par are dice for president obama and his one-time buddy, ben affleck. he had high hopes for president obama in 2008. but now affleck admits his feeling for the president are complicated. the actor blamed the president's record for his change of heart. >> brian: he wants him to be more liberal. so does matt damon. that's why he's disappointed. there you go. 12 minutes after the hour. next up, a u.s. border patrol agent shot and killed in the line of duty. so is the federal government failing to give our agents proper protection? we'll report. you decide. >> steve: and did you know having the government in your home for dinner? why are they telling you what to eat in your own house? the food police make a stop at your place. details ahead [ man ] ring ring... progresso
7:13 am
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7:16 am
smuggling. this latest incident raises tons of new questions, including whether or not the guns that killed agent ivy were tied to operation fast and furious and our border agents have the proper protection. >> steve: terry kirkpatrick was with the special agents for 30 years and joinses from tucson, arizona, good morning to you. >> good morning. >> steve: you know, a terrible story out there in arizona regarding this border patrol agent. i think what a lot of people don't realize is that the smugglers trying to get their loads of illegal drugs across the border, they're actually paid a bounty if they're able to shoot one of our guys, right? >> that is correct. they lay in wait and if they do encounter agents, they are instruct to do shoot at them and the cartel does pay them as much as $250,000 for a bounty on law enforcement. >> brian: how dangerous is this area? how surprised are you of the fatality we reported yesterday? >> well, with the big push on the border to drive the
7:17 am
smugglers out away from the cities, the outer areas have gotten 100 fold more dangerous. that's where all the smugglers are going to. >> brian: has defense helped -- the fence helped? >> the fence hasn't helped at all really. they go under it. they cut it open and climb over it. so basically the smugglers are avoiding the fence and going to the outer areas where there is almost no fence at all. >> steve: here we are in 2012 and you've got agents who, because of the terrain, are on horseback. they are well armed, but you say that our guys and gals need more technology. in what way? >> well, they responded to sensors out there that let them know that people were crossing in an area. but they've got sensors that have cameras on them so they could actually see what they're look at instead of just a beep saying somebody crossed. they need cameras on every one of those sensors. >> steve: because without those, they don't know what they're walking into, right?
7:18 am
>> that's correct. >> brian: all right. terry, you also talk about this data crime cartel, the drug cartel. you're saying they have a system in place there and they're going right through it on a daily basis, extremely dangerous group? >> yeah. smuggling has not stopped out here at all. the aliens crossings have went down substantially, probably 50%, but the drug smugglers are well enroute to smuggling over a million pounds of marijuana alone this year so far. >> steve: terry, while it's still too early, the investigation is just barely started into the firearm that was used to kill our guy. would it surprise you if one of the guns from fast and furious was one of the guns used? >> you know, in honesty, it would not surprise me if that was one of the guns that was lost in the atf scandal. >> steve: allall right. terry, former special agent joining us from tucson, thank you. >> thank you. >> brian: there was an agent now in the hospital, he's expected
7:19 am
to survive. he did suffer wounds. meanwhile, as we have been telling you, the border to our south is on fire. so can you believe we are sending more money overseas in foreign aid than to protect those borders? the staggering numbers are coming your way next. >> steve: plus, tonight could be a make or break moment for president obama or mitt romney. coming up, we travel back in time to look at the defining debate moment of the past. remember that guy? >> are you better off than you were four years ago? is it easier for you to go and buy things?
7:20 am
7:21 am
7:22 am
>> steve: time tore news by the numbers. first, 76%. that's how much more president obama spent on foreign aid than he did on securing u.s. borders over the last four years.
7:23 am
next, 86. that's the percentage of americans who say government spending has not helped them according to a brand-new poll. 52% say spending has actually hurt the economy. and finally, $137,000. that's your fair share of the national debt as of this morning. that new amount for the average american household comes after president obama added another $1.3 trillion to the debt in the last fiscal year. martha? >> martha: thank you. tonight it could be a make or break moment. we'll see for the two men who want to be president of the united states. all we have to do is sort of look back at history to see when and how some of these debates really have changed the course of some of the elections. joining me to take a closer look is presidential historian nick, welcome. good to have you here. >> good morning. >> martha: let's start with the classic, which is the nixon-kennedy debate. and folks who watched it on
7:24 am
television clearly thought jack kennedy was the winner, but that wasn't necessarily the response of people who didn't get to see it. >> yeah. there was actually four debates. it was the first presidential debate series. people that listened to it on the radio, which was the majority of radios, thought nixon won on substance. people who watched, thought kennedy did. kennedy was tanned and had make-up on. nixon did not. he came out of the hospital a few days earlier. he was gone. it showed. he sweat a lot and the impression people left with was he was shifty can kennedy was in command. >> martha: he refused make-up apparently, which is probably a candidate made that mistake. let's look at carter-reagan, a fascinating one to watch. we have a little bit of sound from it. we want to get your thoughts on that. let's play that. >> governor reagan, as a matter of fact, gone his political career campaigning around this nation against medicare. >> there you go again. when i opposed medicare, there was another piece of legislation
7:25 am
meeting the same problem before congress. i happened to favor the other piece of legislation and thought it would be better for the senior citizens and provide better care than the one that was finally passed. >> martha: there you go again line was an ad lib, right? it was off the cuff. >> it was. in an instant, it kind of disarmed his critics. did he it with a cheery smile while carter looked dower, which was his persona. it confirmed reagan was likeable and carter was too serious fort times. and another line was are you better off today than you were four years ago? >> martha: that is such a famous line. let's look at gush-gore. everybody likes to see -- bush-gore. everybody likes this. >> that's what the question in this campaign is about. it's not what is your philosophy and position on issues. but can you get things done?
7:26 am
and i believe i can. >> martha: just the way he kind of looks like, what are you doing? right? >> one of the best moments ever and in an instant it confirmed what people thought about bush, he's likeable. with gore, which he seemed slightly uncomfortable, a little awkward, it was a strange, bizarre moment that it's the only thing people remember from those three debates. people think he won on substance, but that's what they remember,. >> martha: i want to stick with this for just a second. what's the thinking on that? was gore coached, do you think, to sort of, you know, don't be afraid to get up off your seat and kind of get in his face a little bit? >> probably. he was coached -- he was wearing earth tones, trying to be a different al gore. he probably was trying to be more alpha and dominate the stage a little bit and of course, in that al gore way, overdid it and it came off as awkward and kinds of scripted and it was a bizarre little
7:27 am
moment. but that in a flash said what his problem was. he wasn't comfortable in his own skin. >> martha: you're so right. the up and down glance is so george bush as everybody came to know him in the years to come. thank you very much, nick. the best moments are the unscripted ones. >> good chatting with you. >> martha: we'll see what happens tonight's. so we've got new letters that we want to talk to you about that are revealing stunning information about what happened before the deadly attack on our consulate in libya. katherine herrage has brand-new information and a look at these documents which you need to stick around for, very important development, that's coming up next. and also we promised this story has a happy ending, folks. the dog gets stuck in the grill of a car for 11 miles. i kid you not. stick around. we'll be right back. more "fox & friends"
7:28 am
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7:31 am
>> the first debate between barak obama and mitt romney is tomorrow night and the campaigns are doing whatever they can to get ready. actually i heard that the obama campaign is a little worried 'cause during his flight to nevada on sunday, the president apparently watched four hours of football instead of studying. [ laughter ] although it did mark the first time all year obama has seen something get passed. [ laughter ] >> steve: funny. >> brian: i did not hear that. is that the premise of that joke true? that he watched four hours of football? >> martha: you can also go back to the notion that it shouldn't take that much studying to get ready for this.
7:32 am
>> steve: you should know. >> martha: they've been working on these issues, they've been campaigning on these issues across the country for months and months and months. does it really take that much studying to get ready for this? >> brian: is it wrong to disagree with martha? >> martha: absolutely. ask hemmer. >> brian: i think it's totally different when someone is coming at you and saying you're wrong about this and defending something you did a year and a half ago or two years ago or saying something in a series of events went like this when you know it's different. you got to be ready to answer, you got to have a clear thought. >> steve: plus, this president famously, when you ask him a question, answers in about 12 minute sound bites, as we've seen from some of the east room press conferences. so they got to boil it all down. okay, you got to be more tight and if possible, ends with a zinger. >> martha: someone suggested he should try get under the president's skin a little bit, that the president has -- reading one advisor last night, he has a thin skin, according to. so and if he rattles him a little bit, it might be effective. we'll see if he goes there. >> brian: mitt romney doesn't really like it, especially when
7:33 am
you bring up stuff about his wealth. when you bring up something about his wealth, he tends to get defensive. i think they'll go there right away. >> steve: a lot to watch for tonight. you'll see it live starting five minutes before 9:00 o'clock eastern time right here. in the meantime, fox news exclusive, hillary clinton's state department accused of ignoring security concerns from our people at the consulate in libya before that deadly attack where four americans were murdered. our chief intelligence correspondent has exclusively obtained new documents that appear to back that up. good morning to you. >> good morning. these letters obtained by fox news suggest the state department refused to get involved in a dispute between blue mountain libya, the security license holder in libya and operations partner, blue mountain u.k. that trained and provided the local guards at the consulate. a source of knowledge of the discussions tells fox there were two state department meetings about the situation in libya. one meeting in june and a second meeting in july. fox news is told that the libyan
7:34 am
contract holder felt the security provided by blue mountain u.k. was standard and the situation was unworkable. when the libyans tried to bring in a third party, an american contractor to improve security at the consulate, a state department contract officer apparently shut it down in a july 10 letter. it reads in part, quote, the u.s. government is not required to mediate any disagreements between the two parties of the blue mountain libya partnership. both parties must agree to change key personnel. the contract terms and conditions preclude any subcontracting. at the state department say the briefer did not have specifics on the blue mountain dispute, promised to look into it for fox news. in response to another security-related question, said decisions are made in dc and not locally. >> ambassadors don't call the local security posture. it's worked out with washington, with the post. it's not something you can do yourself. >> and in that same briefing, the state department said they would comply with the letter
7:35 am
from the house oversight committee demanding documents and explanation. they've alleged there are at least a dozen security-related events in benghazi before that attack on the consulate. >> brian: this is staggering news. i'm surprised this -- does it surprise you at all this is written down? it seems all chronicled and all transparent in which you've been able to uncover. do they usually it to this level where the ambassador requested 13 separate times for additional security measures? >> what the state department said yesterday is they're going to go through the documents and provide what they're able to uncover to that government oversight committee. what struck me in the last three weeks of covering this story is there is this real undercurrent of dissatisfaction with security at that consulate and what whistle blowers say were serious concerns that were raised. the documents that we have are important because it's in black and white that there was a dispute and a problem with that security contractor at the
7:36 am
consulate in libya and the state department chose not to get involved and that was in july. two months before the attack. >> steve: thank you very much. this does appear that the warning signs were ignored, so that's why darrell issa would like some answers. hillary clinton's response to mr. issa is hold off with -- withhold any final conclusions about the attack until the review board finishes its work and isn't it handy, they will finish their work in november. >> brian: they have to answer the letter today and jason chaffet will be on, the congressman from utah, at 8:52 eastern time. >> martha: what shocked me is that they initially came out and said chris stevens was not the if far get of this attack, that they happened to be there and he was not the target. we've heard absolutely nothing about this. now, what we understand is that when the investigation is done, we'll be told whether or not chris stevens was the target. i ask you, i mean, what we know about how this man was treated and the fact that he was there, he wasn't usually there, and they went in there, took him out
7:37 am
and then went over to the other location, also he was unaccounted for very early on in the scuffle that happened in that consulate. so a lot of questions that really do need to be answered. >> steve: plus, we've had a number of people on this program, including lieutenant colonel allen west, rudy guiliani, they feel very clearly there has been a cover-up. now it doesn't sound like we'll get the answers that we really need until, how convenient, after the election. >> brian: which is coming up in november. mean while, headlines now. >> martha: let's look at this. we begin with a newly released video of president obama. you have heard a little bit about this. it started to come out late last night. daily caller released a video from 2007 and then candidate obama saying that the government doesn't care about the victims of hurricane katrina and suggesting that's because they are black. watch this. see what you think. >> where is your dollar? where is your money? makes no sense!
7:38 am
tells me the bullet hasn't been taken out. tells me that somehow the people down in new orleans, they don't care about as much. >> martha: earlier on "fox & friends" we spoke with tucker carlson who broke this news from the daily caller about this video. watch this. >> he says, it tells me they don't care about the people of new orleans as much. obama is telling a majority black audience that the federal government doesn't like them because they're black. he is whipping up fear and paranoia and hatred. this is exactly the opposite of what a uniter does and i think it's very revealing. >> martha: president obama's campaign blaming this video's release on mitt romney supporters who are trying to divert attention from romney's 47% remark. >> brian: first it was school lunches, now the government wants to police your dinner table, too. the usda wants parents to make meals at home that meet the new healthy school lunch standards. the same standards that have students across the country
7:39 am
complaining they're not getting enough to eat and singing about it. on its blog, the agency urges parents to look at the school menu and incorporate those foods into family dinners to help reinforce the government's healthy standards. >> steve: good. people all across america can have the black bean burrito for every meal. >> brian: fantastic. >> steve: yeah. this is unreal. how in the world did that dog get stuck in the grill of a car? the poodle darted in front of a car in massachusetts. the driver thought he had missed it looking in the rearview mirror. he kept driving. but he was wrong. he drove 11 miles, up to 50 miles an hour. >> brian: who is driving, chevy chase? >> martha: how does that happen? >> steve: that's why we're doing the story. apparently another driver alerted the guy. hey, there is a dog stuck in your grill. cops carefully help it out. amazingly, the dog only lost one tooth and apparently, according to the dog whisperer, had a minor concussion.
7:40 am
look at that. >> martha: oh, gives new meaning to the term up in your grill. >> brian: right. >> martha: all right. so drama at "american idol." watch nicole nicky minage unleah tirade. >> brian: keith urban is like, why am i here. >> brian: is that her natural color? >> martha: i kind of doubt it. at one point she threatened to punch her out. tmz says of it over a contestant's performance. the tryouts was cut short so the two judges two cool it. >> steve: brian, you know this kind of early publicity always helps. >> martha: terrible for the show, right. >> brian: just horrible. i believe it was on tmz. i couldn't tell by the logo. find out. i got to tell you what's happening in baseball because something historic is taking place. the tigers cabrera inch close
7:41 am
tort ripple crown. first one in 45 years. he had two hits, two runs last night. going to the final day of the season. he leads the al in batting average by two points at .331. 44 homers, up by about two. and rbis as well. he tops the last player to do that, carl yastrzemski. it wasn't easy. it's even hard tore spell his last name. it will be winner take all in the west. a's beat the rangers. they're tied for the american league division top for the top spot. tonight's winner gets the title. the loser has that play in game for the wild card spot for the first time ever, another wild card team. the yankees in control of their own destiny. extra innings victory. listen. the game winning rbi in the 12th to beat the boston red sox 4-3. it was the 14th maybe i was wrong of the the yankees keeping
7:42 am
a one game lead over baltimore who refuses to lose. showalter has been amazing with the team and they'll northbound first or second. if they both lose today or if the yankees lose and baltimore win, they'll have a playoff in baltimore. >> steve: stand by. >> brian: a lot of action in baltimore and washington, d.c. these days. >> steve: october surprises all over the place. 18 minutes before the top of the hour. >> martha: coming up, ever get a song stuck in your head that you can't shake? i shared mine. we'll ask dr. keith ablow to share his. >> steve: hang on. i'm hearing a song. and are you ready to rumble? the presidential candidates get set for their first debate tonight in denver. but how do the two men stack up? peter johnson, jr., coming up as we rock you live from new york. ♪ foot?"
7:43 am
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7:46 am
lot of people wondering what's up with that whole story. when you see facebook ceo, odds are he's wearing a gray t-shirt. but he's admitted he has basically worn the same outfit every day for quite some time. it turns out he owns 20 gray t-shirts. he says he doesn't have time to pick out outfits and i think the black turtle neck worked out for steve jobs and his years at apple. maybe going the same route. i leave you with that thought. brian? >> brian: i'm glad he had more than one shirt. i wasn't clear on the original story. thanks for following up on that. tonight the gloves come off. president obama and mitt romney face off for the first time in three very important debates. will anyone win by a knockout, so to speak? here to break down, fox news legal analyst, peter johnson, jr. the clancy of the debate. it's ferdy. >> we know how big, how tall,
7:47 am
how much they weigh. we know their parties. we know what their weaknesses and strengths are. cool under pressure allegedly for the president. and business knowledge for mitt romney. i'm sick of these instant analyses. >> brian: why do you do it then? >> let me tell you the instant analysis. the candidate has to be liked, the candidate has to be trusted. the candidate who is liked and trusted will win this debate. what mitt romney needs to do is say this is the start of the presidential campaign tonight. i'm coming to you because i want to hear -- you understand the issues and i want you to understand there is a crisis in america. the president needs to say in words and substance, i'm here to reassure you. we haven't done as well as i would like, but we're gonna do great going forward. they're both talking about forward. what's the vision of the forward? but more importantly, do people trust the candidates? do they trust the incumbent to do the right thing going forward
7:48 am
or do they trust mitt romney to change the whole thing? >> brian: let's go inside those numbers. we know what the economic story is. we all experience it. it's who is to blame. what does mitt romney do to make sure that the public knows that the last four years matter? >> it's a matter of blame, but it's also a matter of what the is. the president, in order to reassure, in order to say i've done the very best i possibly could -- >> brian: on the right track -- >> will blame bush. he'll blame anyone to get reelected. mitt romney doesn't have to get caught in that trap of saying, well, i'm here to defend president bush or the economic policies. all he needs to talk about is failure, crisis, the inability of this president to get the deficit under control, deficits mean new taxes. debt mean new taxes. unemployment means misery in this country.
7:49 am
if he can understand that, then he can win this debate. what it is for mitt romney is saying i welcome you into my house. let's come in, have this discussion. if you hents wanted to come into my house before, now think about it. >> brian: just one thing that will be interesting 'cause they'll have a whole section on obamacare and you have the romneycare incident. so -- >> he's an expert, mitt romney on health care. he did it differently in massachusetts. he shouldn't be embarrassed about it. he can talk about it in a real way. >> brian: and he has recently on the stump. peter johnson, jr., thanks. >> we'll be watching. >> brian: and analyze tomorrow. 11 minutes before the top of the hour. up next, do you always hate what you see when you look in the mirror? up next, dr. keith ablow tells us if you are normal or nuts. right there, a free session for martha mccallum. on this day in history, 1956, "don't be cruel" by elvis presley. meanwhile, i think the russians
7:50 am
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7:53 am
>> steve: normal or nuts? it's a question that everybody asks themselves every once in a while. it's a question we asked dr. keith ablow every week. >> martha: usually i'm in my office preparing for my show, and i do the test to find out if i'm normal or nuts. joining us with this week's e-mails that you sent in is our fox news contributor and our family psychiatrist, dr. keith ablow. >> good to see all of you. >> steve: martha, you read the first one because it comes from a wife. >> martha: number one, my husband and i have a wonderful, loving, healthy relationship. in the back of my mind i'm always petrified of a tragedy happening to him and destroying our bliss. am i nuts to think this way?
7:54 am
good question. >> in fact, yes, you are nuts. >> steve: what? >> to think this way, because you're not able to appreciate what you have, which is you found true love. this is a big deal and the fact that you are constantly thinking it's going to end, it takes you out of that relationship and guess what? it can be a self-fulfilling prophecy 'cause it stands in the way of you fully engaging in that relationship. >> steve: can i disagree with you? >> no! of course you can. >> steve: sometimes you have got such a good thing going you want it to continue forever and in the back of your head you think what if it doesn't? >> listen, i'm a psychiatrist. so you got to go back and find the roots. what did you lose in the past that so colors everything that you think that good things can't continue because you know what? they can and they should and you deserve it. >> martha: okay. i like that answer. >> brian: here is a question. this could be male or female. i always think i'm fat no matter what i weigh.
7:55 am
i am not overweight. i look in the mirror and just see a fat person. i've heard about body dismorphic disorder. do i have one? >> yeah. next one. no, no. you're crazy in that particular way, which is sad. lots of people are afflicted with eating disorders. they really don't look in the mirror and see what's really there. they see something quite different. you need help for this. there is help. therapy can help, medicine can help. so yes. >> martha: i think it can have the opposite in where you look in the here and everything looks great. >> the beginning of a great film. >> steve: final e-mail, during all waking hours, there is a song melody constantly in my subconscious thoughts. i'm a musical person by nature, but there is always a lyric stuck in my head for no reason. is there a reason? >> usually the theme for "rocky" for me.
7:56 am
it probably defines people. here is the thing, i want to sing normal because this person says i'm a musical person. it doesn't seem to bother the person so much so it's normal. but here is what the doctor would prescribe. guess what? start writing some lyrics. you know what? god works in funny ways. you have this music playing in the back of your mind, it's like tapping you on the shoulder, write music. you're musical. get into it. >> martha: what if the music in your mind is "everybody wang chung tonight"? that's not okay, right? >> that may lead to hospitalization. >> brian: how do you wang chung? what is a wang chung? do we know? >> steve: let's look -- if people have got questions for dr. keith ablow, go to our web site and e-mail him with your questions. if you know what wang chung is, e-mail as always. >> brian: or tweet. i'm handling twitter today. if they can wang chung in 10
7:57 am
characters or less -- 140 characters or less. >> may you all look in the mirror and see only good things. >> steve: thank you very much. >> martha: thank you. >> brian: coming up, you can call it a heavenly ascent. forget climbing to the top of a mountain. this guy had a different goal. the vatican. >> steve: wow. and one local news reporter was sick of being bullied for her weight. so what did she do? she took the fight to live tv. wait until you hear what she said
7:58 am
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i have. >> martha: good morning, everybody. today is wednesday, october 3. i'm martha mccallum in for gretchen. you are looking live inside the debate hall at the -- not yet you are, but you will be. >> steve: the picture in the picture. >> martha: of the university of denver debate hall. in a few hours, millions will be watching as president obama and mitt romney make their case to america, what the voters should be looking at and watching for tonight. >> steve: meanwhile, do you think the moderator will mention this? a bombshell video of president obama like you've never heard him before back when he was still a senator running for president. >> brian: and he's the real life
8:01 am
jersey boy. ♪ walk like a man ♪ talk like a man ♪ walk like a man my son ♪ . >> brian: he sang for the four seasons. he's all ours, the man of our season, or all seasons. >> steve: i'm going to have that song in my head all day. >> brian: frankie valley is here live. "fox & friends" starts now. >> brian: by the way, as i see the statue of liberty, you know what's significant about that? >> steve: many things. >> brian: okay, fine. >> martha: where do we begin? >> brian: that was too broad. tall, yes. thank you for answering. okay. too open ended question. >> martha: go ahead. >> brian: you know what's significant about the statue of liberty now? you could now travel into the head again. you were not able to get into the crown.
8:02 am
>> steve: thank you. >> brian: what if we didn't want the statue of liberty? would the french have taken it back? it's a little big. >> martha: i drive by it every morning and i look over and go like, good morning. >> brian: that's great. now you can travel into the head. >> steve: that's good to know. brian, with the big headline that now you can be once again inside lady liberty. >> brian: exactly. >> martha: stop! you can get a picture of you up there in the crown looking out and waving. >> brian: i have never been -- >> steve: in the crown? >> brian: or the statue of liberty. >> steve: what? >> brian: i know. >> steve: it's five miles away. >> brian: i know. >> steve: i'll take you one day. >> brian: you promise? >> steve: yeah. >> brian: you are looking right now live inside the debate hall at the university of denver. we're about to bring you there. in a few hours, between 40 and 60 million will be watching as president obama and mitt romney make their case to america to be the next president for the next four years. earlier, these stand-ins tested the stage out and then stood
8:03 am
down. alicia is in denver with more on what we can expect tonight. >> good morning, brian, martha and steve. early voting has already begun, so there could be an immediate effect where some folks see the debate and thee receipticcally could vote tomorrow. let's look inside the debate hall. we won't have access to this all day because there will come a time later on this afternoon where each candidate will have a chance to do their walk through, give themselves a chance to get some familiarity with where they will be addressing not only each other and the moderator, but the american people. the commission on presidential debates says the format of tonight's domestic policy debate will have fewer questions than what we've seen in the past. it will be an hour and a half of six different discussions. this, the commission says, allows for more in-depth conversation. of course, each candidate does a have a job to do. analysts agree governor romney will be working his way away from that 47% of americans
8:04 am
paying no income tax statement. take a listen. >> i would imagine he's going to try and mitigate some of that damage during the debates and talk about not only his compassion for people who make somewhat less money, but also plan for how to get them out of poverty, how to help them out. >> the thing with the president is that voters have a pretty good idea of who he is already. regardless of how he presents himself, they see him govern for more than 3 1/2 years now and they have a pretty good sense of whether they like him or don't like him. there aren't many people who don't have their mind made up about him. >> also very important is what we will be talking about this time tomorrow. who will dominate the moment? who will have the sound bites that we'll all be playing tomorrow and thought the day. back to you. >> steve: thank you very much. by the way, ann romney yesterday did an interview where she talked a little about mitt's, what does he when he takes the stage. as soon as he gets up on stage, he takes off his watch and he puts it on the podium and then
8:05 am
on a piece of paper, he writes dad. she says that's amazing because he loves his dad, respects his dad, doesn't want to do anything that would not make his father proud. i love the fact that mitt does that, so he writes that word, dad. he'll do that tonight on that stage. >> brian: i remember the question he was asked, what would your father do, now that you got the nomination? he said be bold. so if he wants to take that, that's really the philosophy he should bring in tonight's. >> martha: good point. he also says he looks into the crowd to make eye contact with her and to see where she is and to sort of have a moment of connection, which i think everyone has things that sort of ground them and help them to relax and be focused and it was interesting to get a little insight into what their ritual is. we'll see how that works out tonight's. and also we've got several new polls out there that really show this race is tightening. for the past three or four weeks, there have been a pretty wide margin developing, it would appear, and now we're seeing a lot of national journal poll is
8:06 am
neck in neck. >> brian: 47-47, ironically. that number again. >> martha: nbc poll is three percentage points apart. >> brian: one point in florida in the "wall street journal" which separates them. one point in virginia. >> martha: a gap in ohio. those other ones are tight. >> steve: amazing because last week the main stream media pretty much had said election over, mitt romney loses, and now they're neck in neck. we asked you about an hour and a half ago what the various candidates need to do tonight? bob in missouri, the show me state wrote this, keep it simple, mitt. romney must deliver a consistents yet simple message on our economy without getting too deep into numbers and class labels. so will he follow bob's advice? >> martha: maureen in maine, romney must back the president up against a wall, she says, and not move until he actually answers the question. she's going for a much more adepressive mode. we'll see. >> brian: that's something jim
8:07 am
lehre has to do. he's getting upset because people are saying there is -- the moderator should be more diverse. everybody on the panel that's been chosen, from martha readydich. >> steve: meanwhile, the big question is tonight, the topic will be domestic issues. will jim lehrer ask mitt romney about the 47% comment that was caught on cell phone camera? probably. the smart money is that that question will be asked. >> brian: definitely. >> steve: however, will he ask about some video that came to light last night? it was first broadcast last night on the hannity program. there you can see then senator barak obama at hampton university in virginia where we had tucker carlson on just about an hour and a half ago and he said essentially what barak obama is telling the audience is that the federal government doesn't like you because you are
8:08 am
black. what he talks about is how the federal government reacted to new orleans and katrina versus 9-11 and hurricane andrew. listen. >> governor of new orleans where they still have not rebuilt 20 months later. there is a law, federal law when you get reconstruction money from the federal government called the stafford act, and basically it says when you get federal money, you got to give a 10% match. the local government's got to come up with 10%. here is the thing, when 9-11 happened to new york city, they waived the stafford act, said this is too serious a problem. we can't expect new york city to rebuild on its own. forget that dollar you got to put in. here is ten dollars. that was the right thing to do. what's happening in new orleans? where is your dollar? where is your stafford act
8:09 am
money? makes no sense! tells me the bullet hasn't been taken out. tells me somehow the people in new orleans, they don't care about as much! >> brian: powerful words. he also did go on to speak in a way, as you heard, with a little bit of a southern accent where colonel west brought up last night on greta, which i saw when he says it's amazing a guy who was brought up in hawaii and lived in chicago can effect themselves with an accents. >> steve: it's substantial. we did have tucker carlson, the editor of the daily caller on the program earlier. here he is explaining the context of what people see when you watch all 40 minutes of the now president of the united states. >> what is shocking about this tape is the last line you just played, in which he says, it tells me they don't care about the people of new orleans as much. obama is telling a majority black audience that the federal government doesn't like them because they're black.
8:10 am
he is whipping up fear and paranoia and hatred. this is exactly the opposite of what a uniter does and i think it's very revealing. by the way, the stafford act was waived at certain times for rebuilding in the gulf. obama was a sitting senator at the time. it's not as if he wasn't aware of this. he's going into this intentionally misleading this audience to convince them that the federal government was racist and hated them because of their skin color. that's a very divisionsive thing to stay. >> brian: here is the problem. that could be true, but we watched president obama, i don't think he's governed in a racist way and i think that's why that's more -- i just think that was going to be an issue, should have been an issue in 08. why come out now? that's another issue. in terms of does anyone think that the president is more towards one race? i don't think so. >> steve: but your point is well taken in why didn't anybody report on that back in 2007? main stream media trial had excerpts of it, associated press reported on it. but what apparently they did was associated press and other people just took the prepared
8:11 am
remarks as prepared by the campaign and reported from that. it wasn't a transcript. a lot of the stuff that you just saw was ad libbed off the prompter. >> martha: the president did win the election based on being a uniter, that he was going to bring people together. so if anything, it sort of harkens back to another time in his life, before he was president, where he does appear divisive and it also raises issues about the class warfare issue that a lot of people feel has been divisive during the course of this campaign. so it does raise some questions about that in terms of his overall perspective on things. >> steve: do you think jim lehrer will ask about it? e-mail us. >> martha: probably not. let's look at some headlines this morningful the search is on for drug smugglers who murdered a u.s. border patrol agent. this as we learn the identity of the agent. what a sad story. he was 30 years old from provo, utah, left behind a wife and two children. ivy and another agent were shot near naco, arizona.
8:12 am
it is a known area for drug smuggling. the other agent who was wounded is in stable condition. authorities believe more than one person opened fire and there is a vow that there will be justice. >> ivy died in the line of duty, protecting our nation against those who threaten our way of life. his death only strengthens our resolve to enforce the rule of law and bring those responsible to justice. >> martha: lot of emotions surrounding this case. in a tragic irony, those agents were assigned to the newly christened brian terry border patrol station. terry, as you will remember, was killed with a gun that was linked to the botched operation, fast and furious. so a lot of anger and a lot of sadness at that station this morning. all right. take a look at this. yes that, is a man scaling the dome of saint peters basilica in rome. somehow he got past vatican
8:13 am
security. they have the swedish guards there. -- swiss guards, excuse me. they're not scaling the dome. he scaled the 42-foot high in vatican city to protest austerity cuts. he held autopsy banner saying help. enough monkey. referring to the italian premiere who has been implementing very tough economic reforms to try to get italy's debt under control. he's refused appeals from government officials offering to meet with him if he comes down. eventually i suppose he will have to. so she normally reports on a story. but a tv anchor in wisconsin became the story in this case. she made an unusual move. she went on air to respond to a viewer who called her fat. watch this. >> to the person who wrote me that letter, do you think i don't know that? that your cruel words are pointing out something that i don't see? you don't know me. you are not a friends of mine. you are not a part of my family and you have admitted you don't watch this show.
8:14 am
so you know nothing about me about what you see on the outside. and i am much more than a number on a scale. >> martha: wow. good for her. she received an e-mail calling a poor e-mail. she tried to laugh it off, but her husband was furious and posted it on facebook. the station was flooded with calls and with e-mails in support. she wants the incident to be a reminder that bullying is unacceptable. >> brian: all right. we'll follow up on that story. is it the economy or is it the economy? up next, our political panel breaks down the top three issues in tonight's' debate and their answers may surprise you. pick your favorite and write us does your phone give you all day battery life ? droid does. and does it launch apps by voice while learning your voice ? launch cab4me. droid does. keep left at the fork. does it do turn-by-turn navigation ?
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8:17 am
>> steve: president obama and mitt romney tonight face off in the first of three presidential debates. the overlying focus, domestic policy. within that, what key issues need to be addressed and who wins on each? let's talk to our political panel, mallory factor is a professor of international politics and american government at the citadel and the author of the new book. judith miller is a fox news contributor. you know her. she's here all the time. and jolene is a democratic strategist. good morning. jolene, let's start with you. what's your number one topic they need to address? >> the economy and jobs. i think both candidates need to
8:18 am
lay out a clear vision for the future with mitt romney, he needs to lay out specifics because he hasn't done that all along. i think he needs to tell the american people face-to-face for the first time to the biggest audience what he's going to do specifically to create jobs and improve the economy. >> steve: you know, mitt romney says he's going to create 12 million jobs if elected president. our president who had four years is still at a net-net deficit for jobs. >> that's not true. a recent report last week released showed he has a net gain in jobs. >> steve: right, but maybe the president as well needs to explain how he's going to create a million jobs. >> yes, i think he has already done that by introducing the american jobs act. we need to get that passed. >> steve: okay. judith? >> i think he's got to make clear what his specifics are. we know a lot about goals for governor romney. but we don't know how he's going to get there. for example, we don't know how he's going to increase the military by 4% and still
8:19 am
maintain deficit control on spending. for obama, he's got to answer questions about what happened in libya. we've had all kinds of explanations now about what happened, what caused it. and the administration has been forced to backtrack each and every time. some direct answers, please, from both gentlemen. >> steve: plus that crazy sequester thing that apparently was part of his idea and has gotten us to the precipice of perhaps hundreds of thousands of layoffs. mallory, what do you think? >> i think that mitt romney has to make in very clear and stark terms the difference between himself and obama, that if you go for obama, you are going for big government, you are going to be run by big government and the shadow bosses. and if you go for mitt romney, you're going to be voting for freedom and prosperity and less government and government run by the american people. >> steve: both campaigns have said look, it's going to be really easy this time because it is a clear choice. i mean, really, people will have
8:20 am
a choice, clear, which kind of america they want. >> they have a choice between slogans at the moment. remember hope and change? many americans feel that didn't work out so well. >> steve: you got a good point. >> people want to know what's behind these slogans. >> steve: let's find out if they do that tonight. they'll have two whole minutes to talk. that's a lot of time to have specifics. straight ahead, with the panel, it's a gift wrapped gaffe for republicans. the vice president says the middle class has been buried for the past four years. so how does the president, his boss, explain joe? and sex offenders suing for their right to hand out halloween candy. they say it's freedom of speech. really? we'll be right back [ male announcer ] in a world where breakfa
8:21 am
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8:24 am
>> martha: let's get to some headlines. air force two aborts a landing yesterday not once, but twice. a thunderstorm was to blame for vice president joe biden's bumpy ride to charlotte. and on his way back home, he had to land at dulles international airport instead of andrews because there was heavy fog. rough day in the air for vice president joe biden. the famous hollywood sign is getting a makeover. it will be the sign's most extensive clean-up in 35 years. new paint on the front and on the back. the project will take up to ten weeks and require 275 gallons of paint. >> how they can justify, how they can justify raising taxes on the middle class that's been buried the last four years?
8:25 am
>> steve: middle class buried the last four years? that was vice president joe biden yesterday in what some say is a gigantic gaffe, admitting the last four years have not been good for the middle class. the romney camp seized on that saying we certainly don't want four more years of that stuff. >> weigh can't afford for more years of barak obama. we can barely afford four more months. we can't wait four years for our economy to start growing. we can't wait four years for people to find jobs or our houses to be worth what we paid for them. we can't wait four years for our kids to find job when is they graduate college. we can't wait for four more years. we can't afford it. >> steve: you won't hear that on the evening news. what the media aren't telling you about the economy. we continue the conversation with our panel. brand-new "wall street journal" poll comes out this morning. it says 53% of the americans feel that we are on the wrong track. yet, you don't really hear that. you hear other media outlets
8:26 am
talking about hey, happy days are here again. mallory, there is a lot of stuff and the main stream media we don't hear about the economy because it's not helpful to the president. >> no question about it. the lame stream media is not telling the truth about this enron-style kick the can down the road that the president is doing. i mean, he is actually telling contractors, he's telling government sectors to not tell people about the layoffs that's going to come -- >> steve: with the warren act. >> right. with the sequestrations. it is really going to be a horrible, horrible second term. he's doing everything to keep the power p for himself and the shadow boss. >> steve: do you feel that way, that main stream media doesn't report much on stuff that is harmful to the president's reputation? >> i mean, i watch a loft different things and i wouldn't say that's necessarily true. one thing that is true is that american people know that the economy is not as strong as it needs to be. i think that people don't necessarily look at indicators
8:27 am
like the gross domestic product to determine whether or not they feel that the economy is getting better. they look at their own pocketbooks and whether or not they're getting a job, whether or not they're still living paycheck to paycheck. the bottom line here is that we need candidates that are putting forth proposals and policies that will improve the lives of ordinary americans. i just don't think that mitt romney has put forth anything that's going to do that. >> steve: you go back to when george w. bush was president of the united states and when gas was, what, 3 bucks a gallon, something like that? it was gigantic letters on the headline, the paper of the "new york times" where they were hammering it. now we've got a president where the gas has doubled. i think it was 1.85 when he took office. now close to 4 bucks. >> i think that we have seen, steve, an amazing propensity of the media to kind of put a very positive spin on some pretty not so impresssive economic news. >> steve: what is that?
8:28 am
>> because maybe i think a number of us have been stunned by the extent to which this time at least headline writers seem to lean towards democrats. if you have headline about slow growth, you would expect to see that in the headline. but instead, you see a headline in the times or the journal about a stock surge instead. they did a study at -- aei did a study that showed 15% of the headline which is tended to be more positive given grim economic news and when you're talking about democrats. >> steve: the word is not getting out. >> they're cheerleading they're not investigating. they're not reporting. this media has decided who they want to see the next president to be and it's the reelection of obama. >> steve: okay. mallory, judith, jolena. thank you. we're getting back in the way back machine right up next. listen. >> that's what the question in this campaign is about.
8:29 am
it's not only what your philosophy and what's your position on issues, but can you get things done? and i believe i can. >> steve: a look at how past debates changed the race coming up next. plus, he's one of the most celebrated singers in the last half century. fronts man of the four season, frankie valley here next. unless brian runs him off ♪ atmix of the world needs a broader that's why we're supplying natural gas to generate cleaner electricity... will have
8:30 am
shell is producing ethanol - a biofuel made from renewable sugarcane. >>a minute, mom! let's broaden the world's energy mix. let's go.
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8:32 am
>> joe biden campaigning very hard for obama. in florida, he told a group of nurses if there are any angels in heaven, they're all nurses.
8:33 am
then he said maybe they wouldn't be in heaven if they had had better nurses. [ laughter ] that's where he lost the crowd. >> steve: 'cause he went off prompter. >> brian: right. 28 minutes before the top of the hour. is the obama administration looking to move gitmo detainees to american soil? the federal government plans to buy the thompson correctional center in illinois for just $165 million. >> steve: where is that coming from? >> brian: that's a good question. at one point the prison was considered for housing gitmo detainees. some are outraged, including the ride captain who was on "fox & friends" two hours ago. >> it's another lawless act by our administration to circumvent congress and to go around the american people. we fought this thing two years ago and at that time, this thing was thrown out. now the president is in another lawless, just a lawless regime to move forward, go around the will of the american people.
8:34 am
>> brian: the obama administration says it has no plans whatsoever to move the detainees there. let's just wait and watch. >> martha: do you have a constitutional right to hand out halloween candy? some sex offenders in california think they do. so they're suing for the right to hand out treats in a town that bans the holiday for anyone convicted of a sex crime. that sounds fairly reasonable. a group of offenders living in the simi valley area says it's violation of their right to free speech. they are particularly upset about the requirement that makes them put up a sign that reads, no candy or treats at this residence. i think that's probably a really good idea. >> steve: yeah. >> martha: i think we'll stick with that plan. >> steve: a mother busted for not sending her second and third graders to school. the punishment? hard time. lorraine was sentenced to 180 days in jail for allowing her kids to miss 116 days combined in one school calendar year because that clearly breaks california's truancy law.
8:35 am
>> put her on the freeway or something, clean up the mess or something. but i think that's -- who is going to watch the kids if she's in jail? yeah. i think 180 days is a little extreme. >> i would punish her giving her a year. i would. honestly. i think that's the punishment not enough because the kids' education is really important. >> steve: the superintendent says the 34-year-old ignored multiple phone calls and letters warning her of the consequences. oopsy daisy. >> brian: all right. there is a lot of different presidential races that are very, very tight until they get to the debates. what brit hume said, debates don't change much. i couldn't believe it. for example, there are other times in which, for example, president bush was way out in front. they had that hurricane in florida. he didn't look like he was preparing too much. he goes out against john kerry, has a horrible debate. kerry closes an eight point lead. >> martha: we have seen times
8:36 am
when they've had a huge impact and i think because this race has been so neck in neck all along, everybody is looking for tonight to be some kind of opportunity to get this undecided voters. we found out there are more of them than previously thought. people who are still on the fence. so it could be a game changer. >> brian: i'll give you an example. remember when gerald ford was asked about poland and says he doesn't believe there is any soviet domination of eastern europe, at which time max frankle, i think who was the moderator, came out and said, excuse me? and he lost a bunch of points. >> steve: he did, because he didn't know what he was talking about. how exactly do you prepare for something like tonight where 60 million people will be in attendance around the world watching on a tv? i've been trying to figure this out. >> martha: remember this moment? remember the al gore sighs back in 2000? he kept sighing and sighing and a lot of people didn't like that. okay. good morning, guys. it is not just about what they say in denver. there is all that interaction between the candidates.
8:37 am
but sometimes spontaneous, but sometimes it's actually planned. i talked to fox news contributor pat goodell, the former pollster for president jimmy carter e. also helped watch walter mondale prepare for the debate ronald reagan in 1984. look at this. he explains what happens in debate prep. >> we've set up a couple of podiums. how closely do the campaigns try to stage things? >> i mean, usually everything is negotiated. and the whole one upsmanship is how cold is the studio versus how warm. most importantly as i learned in 1984 is lighting. the reagan people got the lighting set and the mondale people for the second debate, mondale walks out, you get -- he gets on the podium. he's has these huge bags you should his eyes. >> did they have a chance to check out the lighting? >> they did and missed it. everything is negotiated. now they have people who do not guilty nothing but do that. >> one of the things you mentioned that is also negotiated is just how far apart
8:38 am
the podiums can be. >> yes. usually a little further apart than this. but the real question is, how do candidates engage? because you're looking at the camera and you're speaking -- you have the moderator usually. but the critical moments of campaigns, how you turn to the other opponent. >> bill clinton used to wag his finger. >> i'll tell you something, mr. clinton. >> how do you advise a candidate to make a point? >> not do this. it's a question of emphasis, al gore did something that's very risky and it backfired. he walked off his podium and invaded governor bush's space. bush handled it way but it looked awkward. >> george bush was prepared for al gore to approach him because al gore had done that in the previous debates during the primary. how much does a candidate have to be prepared for each moment like that? >> you have to be -- first of all, he's got to be very comfortable with the setting. so you're trying to match it. but they have to be prepared for everything. and so part of it is not only what you're saying, but how
8:39 am
you're reacting, how you're looking and so you try to practice those and you try to anticipate. >> is there such a thing as becoming overprepared? >> yes. you get so overprepared that you're not able to be spontaneous. remember, this is an uncontrolled environment. so i always try to say, you can't control every minute. what you have to do is have in your head what it is you want to do and practice how you do different things, but you don't is a script. >> it's three agencies of the government when i get there that are gone, commerce, education and the -- what's the third one there? >> it's about maximizing drama. and using it the right way. we all listen for lines. when i said it was a cap stone to what reagan had already won. which is people wanted to vote for him and he was okay. >> i will not make age an issue of this campaign. i am not going to exploit or political -- for political purposes my opponent's youth and
8:40 am
inexperience. [ laughter ] >> isn't that moment terrific? >> martha: he laughed. it was the ends of his campaign, but it was a warm moment. >> steve: hasn't bob beckel said they had that where is the beef line ready? >> yeah. >> brian: here is the thing, up set where appropriate. >> brian: the big mistake is when they said we're preparing zingers. i think that's a problem. i think it's got to look -- if it is prepared, i think it's got to look almost natural. >> martha: hillary clinton tried that a few years back and she was talking to then candidate obama and she said, it's like change you can xerox, referring to a speech that was similar to duval patrick and it fell flat. >> steve: also when the now president said of hillary clinton, you're nice enough, hillary. likeable enough. >> martha: got to be careful. >> steve: you're nice enough for showing up. >> martha: thank you.
8:41 am
likewise. i love seeing all those old videos. great stuff. thanks. >> steve: next up, you better believe you're paying your fair share. the national debt, the jaw dropping new amount even more gigantic, it's coming up next. >> martha: and he's the real life jersey boy, front man for the four season, frankie valli joins us live right here on the curvy couch. he's next [ mother ] you can't leave the table
8:42 am
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>> steve: quick headlines. 16 minutes before the top of the hour. talk about your fair share, the average household's piece of the national debt now about $137,000 per family. that's because the government added another $1.3 trillion in the last fiscal year. look at that. meanwhile, smile, you're on camera. the patriots brandon lloyd was clearly happy to be in the promised land, as you can see here, showing his pearly whites. it was his first t.d. of the year. brian, i'm sorry, that i just did a sports story. >> brian: i'm so angry at you. now this. ♪ big girls don't cry
8:45 am
♪ they don't cry ♪ big girls don't cry ♪ . >> martha: big girls don't cry, one of the iconic songs courtesy of frankie valli. did you know before he cut his teeth as a singer, he actually cut hair for a living. joining us now to celebrate 50 years with the four season, legendary lead singer, frankie valli. welcome. >> thank you. besides cutting hair, i did a lot of other things. >> martha: i'm sure you did. >> brian: do you reyet giving up the hair cutting? >> you know -- >> brian: it would have been consistent work. >> i know. but after i started working in a shop, i was sure that i didn't want to do it anymore. in school it was terrific. >> steve: you came from just across the river in new york city. you're from newark. you were from a family of very, very modest means. you worked your way up. >> i did. we lived in a project for most of my childhood and then even later on when i got married, i
8:46 am
moved back in to the project. and just did what you said, worked my way up. >> brian: what you're experiencing right now might be unprecedented. you have the jersey boys, the story of you and your buddies making your way through the business, a raging success. now you're going on broadway as frankie valli celebrating 50 years. has that ever been done before? >> i don't think it has been done and that's why i wanted to do it. it took about two years to convince somebody that it woulden a great idea. i just thought it was great right from the beginning that jersey boys would be playing on broadway and we did a live performance for a week on broadway. so that's what we're doing. we're very, very excited about it. >> martha: we saw that clip coming in. you said, boy, that's a long time. i'm sure it doesn't feel like 50 years ago. >> it really doesn't. when you're out there and working and doing what you love and you guys know that better than anybody, there is nothing
8:47 am
that's better than doing what you love for your whole life. >> steve: sure. let me ask you this, because with your songs and they are classics, and you've got that fantastic falsetto that is so high up there, now at this stage in your life, are you thinking, man, i wish i would have made it a little lower 'cause that one is hard to hit? >> i always kid about the fact that when everybody discovered that i had this very high voice, and they started to use it on all the very early songs, you know, i never really wanted to sing high. i wanted to have a voice like barry white. >> steve: we all do. >> brian: frankie, so as you see yourself being portrayed on stage, you said you've gone to "jersey boys" 20 times. why would you go and sit in the audience? you just checking on them? are you making sure that the -- >> steve: the brand. >> to make sure.
8:48 am
>> brian: and? >> and i don't know what it is, but i've been so much a part of it right from the very beginning that it is important to me that it's portrayed right. >> steve: have you taken the frankie valli aside and said listen, said, this is what i'd do? >> i've had a few frankie vallis come to me and ask for advice. >> brian: do you use moisturizer? do you not walk in the sun? how come you look so young? >> it's a lot of rest and it's less fun than -- you know -- >> brian: resting is not as fun as partying. >> no drinking, no substances. >> martha: it makes a difference. >> really, it's like a body builder, you have to do it every day. >> martha: all the attention that's been brought to new jersey. jersey boys, we have the "sopranos." i'm a new jersey girl. i'm curious what you think being
8:49 am
from new jersey about all the attention it's gotten. >> well, "sopranos" was nothing new. [ laughter ] >> brian: that was a documentary for you! >> right. it really was. with the neighborhood that i grew up in and i got to know all of these various figures from different crime families just because i worked in these little bars that most of those guys -- >> brian: they went to stop and shop. just a question, be honest. can you see "fox & friends," the musical, on broadway at one point? >> why not? >> steve: yeah, why not. >> if we could do it, why can't you? >> steve: thank you very much. >> martha: 'cause we can't sing! >> steve: we'll be watching for you. >> brian: we'll have information on "fox & friends" web site. >> steve: straight ahead, new letters reveal stunning new information about what happened before the deadly attacks on our consulate in libya. were warning signs ignored? member of the house oversight committee congressman jason chaffet is here next live. >> brian: let's check in with
8:50 am
bill hemmer. should we? >> steve: look who we got! >> martha: hi, bill. >> are you cheating, or what's up? i think it's cheating. >> martha: let me tell you, it's really fun to get up at this hour, bill. you know that from your past. >> enjoy that. i'll see you on radio at 11:00 o'clock. good morning all of you and frankie valli, an american original, wow. we all know what's on the line, complete coverage with brett, megyn and ed rollins. more breaking news from libya on security. stay tuned on this story. what did the president mean on that speech in 2007. what did joe biden mean when he said the middle class is being buried? we'll talk to both campaigns on the morning of the big debate tonight. we'll see you in ten minutes, top of the hour
8:51 am
8:52 am
8:53 am
8:54 am
>> our security in benghazi included a unit of host government security forces, as well as a local guard force of the kind that we rely on in many places around the world. in advance of september 11, as is done everywhere, we did an evaluation on threat streams and the office of the director of national intelligence has said we had no actionable intelligence that an attack on our post in benghazi was planned or imminent. >> brian: days after the attack on the u.s. consulate, secretary of state hillary clinton there defending the level of security. our next guest is not so sure. >> martha: congressman jason chaffet and members of the committee on government rereform claim multiple pleas for more protection were denied and there were a dozen threats to the consulate months prior to this horrific attack that took the lives of four people, including our ambassador there.
8:55 am
now the committee is demanding answers from secretary clinton. here with more is our guest, congressman jason chaffet. welcome. good to have you here. >> thank you. >> martha: what do you want to know from hillary clinton? >> well, if you look at the security apparatus that were there in place, they were begging, asking for more assets. not only did they not get those assets, they took the security profile and they reduced it. in the six-month runup, if you look at benghazi, which is two hours to the east of libya, we had a consulate there. that sovereign u.s. territory. in the six months prior to that, the british embassy, kitty corner within the block, the british ambassador had two assassination attempts. you also had two bombs placed on that consulate facility. one of those blew a hole in the side of the wall that was big enough, according to one report, 40 people could run through. so you had two bombings at our consulate in the run up and you had very direct threats to ambassador stevens and they
8:56 am
diminished the security profile. >> brian: i understand you allege 13 incidents. she said she's going to answer you today. do you expect as many people in the political know the politics of this, to be a delay of game until after november? >> well, she said that this week they would announce a panel, a group of people to investigate this and then come back to us the latter part of november after the election. there are clear signs that immediately there are security concerns in libya and other embassies around the world and what they were doing is diminishing the security in the name of normalizing relations. i'm worried that they were making political decisions instead of letting security dictate the results. >> martha: the administration said right off the bat that chris stevens was not the target of this attack. do you have any reason to believe that he was? >> we have some direct reports that, for instance, ambassador stevens liked to go running and there were facebook posts with his running route, his picture,
8:57 am
and people advocating that he be killed on that route. in fact, he had to stop running. so no, there were very direct results, attacks on western targets. there were kidnappings. the staff in benefit goods oh, their family was told to quit their job because there was going to be an attack, clearly there is a whole host of evidence that leads to you believe there was going to be an attack. >> brian: thanks so much. we'll follow up with you again. back in two minutes here on "fox & friends" your ford dealer. who has 11 major brands to choose from? your ford dealer. who's offering a rebate? your ford dealer. who has the low price tire guarantee... affording peace of mind to anyone who might be in the market for a new set of res? your ford dealer. i'm beginning to sense a pattern. buy four select tires, get a $60 rebate. use the ford service credit credit card, get $60 more. that's up to $120. where did you get that sweater vest? your ford dealer.
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